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Courses Descriptions

Computer Applications Course Descriptions


This class offers students of all typing levels the opportunity to increase their keyboarding speed and accuracy. Students learn basic keyboarding.  If students already have the basics they will learn to improve keyboarding speed and accuracy.  The classes will test students speed throughout the course and proof will be given to students typing 35 wpm or higher. A speed of 35 wpm and 40 wpm are required for some of the certificates.

Typing tests are offered separately for persons who are required to show proof of typing speed. Preregistration is required for this test. 



This is an introductory course to introduce students to the basic workings of a computer. They will learn to perform a variety of tasks using Windows 7, Microsoft Office 2010, and Internet Explorer. Students who successfully complete this course may enroll in MS Office Suite, Word, or Excel. 


Computer Applications Assessment Process

 All students are required to attend an orientation and pass a basic skills test in reading to enroll in one of the computer application class(es). Students enrolling in Access, QuickBooks, or Excel are required to pass a basic skills test in BOTH math and reading. Students interested in enrolling in one of the certificate programs must test on one of the scheduled dates. See school class schedule for orientation dates and times.

OFFICE SKILLS  ** Enrollment in this class is based on a passing score on the assessment reading test.

The Office Skills class develops office skills in telephone techniques, money handling, filing, 10-key calculator, dressing for success, verbal and written communications, etiquette, and using office technology.


BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONS   Enrollment in this class is based on a passing score on the assessment reading test.

Business Communications offers training in essential skills necessary for general employment and on-the-job performance. Students improve existing skills and develop new skills in the areas of written and verbal communications by focusing on common areas where writers and speakers have difficulty.


MICROSOFT OFFICE 2010 ** Enrollment in this class is based on a passing score on the assessment reading test.

Microsoft Office Suite is a beginning course. This course introduces students to basic computer concepts of Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Databases, PowerPoint, graphics and the Internet using Microsoft Office 2010 and Internet Explorer.  This is a beginning class. A Flash Drive is required for this class.


MICROSOFT WORD 2010** Enrollment in this class is based on a passing score on the assessment reading test.

Microsoft Word is an intermediate course Prerequisite: MS Office 2007 or 2010. Knowledge of the keyboard is recommended.  A Flash Drive is required for this class.


Level 1 covers working with Word Basics, Creating and Editing Business Letters, Creating a Memorandum and a Press Release, Creating a Simple Report, and Working with Tables and Forms using the Microsoft Word 2010 program.


Level 2 covers Creating a Newsletter , Creating a  Manual and Using Mail Merge , Creating a Research Paper and  Creating a Promotional Brochure. Prerequisite: MS Word 2010 Level 1. Knowledge of the keyboard is recommended.  A Flash Drive is required for this class.


Level 3 covers Organizing Long Documents, Collaborating in Word 2010, Sharing and securing content using backstage view, Integrating Word with Excel, Powerpoint, and the Web. Prerequisite: MS Word 2010 Level 2. Knowledge of the keyboard is recommended.  A Flash Drive is required for this class.


WEB PAGE DESIGN - MICROSOFT Expression Web 4.0 **Enrollment in this class is based on a passing score on the assessment reading test.

Web Page Design is an advanced course. This course introduces web page design to students using Microsoft Expression Web 4  HTML software for the World Wide Web. It includes general design and layout considerations, HTML codes, graphics, backgrounds, colors, and legal concerns.  

Two trimesters are required to complete this course. Prerequisite:  MS Word 2007/2010 (Level 1) A Flash Drive is required for this class.


DESKTOP PUBLISHING  Enrollment in this class is based on a passing score on the assessment reading test.

Desktop Publishing is an advanced course. Students learn how to use various graphics software, scanners, and Pentium computers. Prerequisite:  MS Word  2007/2010 (Level 1) A Flash Drive is required for this class. (4GB to 8GB)


This class introduces desktop publishing concepts, terminology, and technical skills. Students create colorful, eye-catching documents, fliers, business cards, letterhead, event programs, an array of advertising posters, Students will be using Microsoft Publisher 2010 and PrintShop. 20. Students are introduced to Photoshop Elements 7.  Students are required to provide a flash drive. The recommended size is 4 GB or higher.


Advanced Desktop Publishing will take students to a new level. Students will learn to create a photo book as well as a slideshow using Photoshop Elements. Students will learn how to create a movie using Windows Movie Maker for Windows 7. Students will utilize the skills from the intermediate class to do more advanced lessons. In the advanced class students will be repairing photos, repairing faces, taking parts of one picture and putting it into another project. Students will also have the freedom to create their own projects using the skills they have learned in the previous courses. Prerequisite for LEVEL 2 desktop publishing is LEVEL 1 desktop publishing. A flash drive is required for this course. Due to the advanced lessons and the larger file sizes in this course it is recommended that a student use an 8 GB or higher flash drive.


Enrollment in the following courses is based on a passing score

on the reading AND math assessment test.



Microsoft Excel is an intermediate course. This course covers computer spreadsheets using the Excel 2010 program.. Prerequisite: MS Office 2007 or 2010. A Flash Drive is required for this class.


By taking Excel level I students will be asked in the program including working with ribbons in the child's entering data and working with numbers. Students will also be working with formulas and functions, as well as formatting the contents of the cells. Students will learn to change the appearance of worksheets as well as charting and transmitting worksheet data.


Students will expand their knowledge of Excel 2010 in Level 2.  Students will be taught about working with large worksheets, and manage multiple sheet workbooks.  This course also includes creating tables, outlines and adding graphics to a worksheet. The last thing taught in this level is using templates and protecting workbooks.  Prerequisite MS Excel 2010 Level 1


This is the highest Level of Excel.  Students will be taught how to create pivot tables and macros. They will also be introduced to using financial functions and data analysis and applying advanced functions and auditing. In this advanced course, students will learn to use the advanced formatting and analysis tools and to collaborate in Excel. The last part of this level includes sharing workbooks on networks and the internet and to integrate Excel with other programs. Prerequisite MS Excel  Level 2


QuickBooks is an advanced course with 2 levels. Both levels are required for the certificate. This class introduces basic accounting concepts through the Quick Books 2011 software. Areas covered include banking and finance needs, inventory accounting, accounts receivable, accounts payable, tax records, payroll and business reports.  Prerequisite: Microsoft Excel 2007/2010 Level 1. A Flash Drive is required for this class


At the beginning of QuickBooks course students will be introduced to the basics of accounting.  These lessons will not be coming from the book.  When the students get into the book they will learn how to Use the QuickBooks program including how to open a portable, create a backup file, restore a backup file and open a working file.  The students will get the lesson files from the instructor.  They will be taught to create a company from scratch, Next they will find out how to work with vendors, customers and how to do banking with QuickBooks.


QuickBooks Level 2 introduces dealing with physical inventory and using payroll.  Payroll will be taught two different ways.  Students will learn more about QuickBooks by working with estimates and time tracking as well as working with balance sheet accounts and budgets.  Students will also be introduced to correcting and customizing in QuickBooks. Prerequisite QuickBooks 2011 Level 1

A final test will be given to student after they have completed the Level 2 Book.  Students will create 2 separate companies and work through a years of transactions which will utilize the skills they have learned.  The instructor has the instructions for the 2 companies.



This class is an advanced computer class and covers the use of Microsoft Access 2010 database software program. Prerequisite: MS Word 2007/2010 (Level 1)and Microsoft Excel 2007/2010 (Level 2). A Flash Drive is required for this class


Student will begin Access 2010 Level 1 by exploring the program and learning the terminology. Students will learn to build a database from the bottom up. Next students will be taught how to maintain a database and make queries using the information in a database.


Access Level 2 begins with building a relational database and creating complex queries.  Students will be taught about customizing input forms and creating custom report.  Prerequisite is Access 2010 Level 1


The last Level of Access 2010 has students learning to setting up complex forms, creating complex reports, customize the database interface and setting security. Finally students will be introduced to integrating Access with other applications. Prerequisite is Access 2010 Level 2.


**To be eligible for the Program Certificates, students must complete ALL assignments as perTwo Flash Drives course syllabi.

What is a Flash drive? A flash drive is a mini storage device available in our book store or any store that sells computer items.

For questions regarding this program please contact Lorrie Christie   (909)388-6000

Computer Class Schedule

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